At the Agway

At the Agway, we'll meet all your needs
(At the Agway,) Agway
Acorn squash to zinnia seeds
At the Agway, Agway
We'll even find a man for you
To make your garden dreams come true
At the Agway (Agway), Agway
What you need is someone who can dig your scene completely
Not another planless schmuck who's out to make bucks eas'ly
And just because he owns a truck and trims your bushes neatly
He's not from Agway (Agway), Agway
And because you're from the big city, we call you "bright-lighters"
Just a little friendly jibe, 'cause after all, our town survives
On your unceasing need to drive property values higher
Around the Agway (Agway), Agway

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