Headless (as Naykid Eyez)

Don't wait for an invitation to Sleepy Hollow time
There's no place for imitation
I ain't gonna lie
I know your wig's on tight
But will I see you tonight?
Oh yeah
No head
Some might find it devastating
You could warn your friends
You can run to mom and dad
But they won't take you in
Hey if you don't know
I'll just have to go
I know that we're reviled
My headless problem child

From the "Battle of the Bands" sub-project of TMBG Unlimited.

Quoth the Johns:

Naykid Eyez is really a just a nom de rock for Eric Sheen, backed by an ever shifting group of cohorts. Busting out of his Detroit garage with a style as unpretentious as a trunk full of methamphetamine, "Headless" is a sneak preview of the b-side of his next independently produced single.

—John Flansburgh
[source: Emusic promotional email, September 17, 2001]

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