House of Mayors

They are crowding the stage of these hallowed confines
Representing the parties who here are enshrined
The one hundred-odd figures of men wearing suits
Who in sum constitute the assembly of the house of mayors
Stacked in columns and rows, dressed in period clothes
Here a wig, there a pince-nez affixed to a nose
And the full complement's in attendance at the house of mayors
House of mayors
(House of mayors)
House of mayors
(House of mayors)
House of mayors
(House of mayors)
House of mayors
(House of mayors)
And they're all up there on the styage
And we're introduced to them all
And they're all still standing up there
When the last tour exits the hall
The effect is so real that it's chilling to watch
As the creaking automata lurch into action
And act out historical deeds and make speeches
Sign legislation and turn their heads and blink their eyes
Though the room has a faintly musty smell, you forget where you are
You are under their spell
And the spell that was cast is the ballot for the house of mayors
George Finby
Alexander Wigmore
Patrick O'Barr
Conrad Spectacle
Karl Van Creek
Antonio Bottom

They are all still standing in there
In the dark in there, in the night
Similarity lurks under styles of moustache
He's anemic, a lawyer will lend his attack
Would a woman or two be infraction of fashion?
Would some other face look too much out of place?
Would it spoil it for everyone else?
Some express disappointment when leaving the hall
Some feel cheated or mad, bear in mind one and all
The next act of the show is an infinite row of unoccupied chairs in a big room upstairs
In the house of the yet-to-be mayors

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