Mario Speaks

Okay, Okay, settle down everyone. Okay, please, please.
Alright, it's showtime everyone. Listen, I've got a story to tell.
When I first accepted the job as personal manager and stylist for They Might Be Giants, the boys said:
"Mario, integrity is everything! You keep the money. We'll live on love--the love we have for sophisticated head-bobbing music!"
But I told them, "You guys are gonna have to change everything! Flansburgh, you need new clothes. That fringe jacket and platform shoes thing is completeley out! And Linnell, shave the beard and get yourself a hair transplant. Maybe an accordion would be good. I don't know."
Boy, were those guys mad at me. But it's all water under the bridge, now. I'll tell ya, my boys have crossed over with a look and sound all my own. I guess you could say I made them, but I prefer to think I simply own them.
Ladies and gentlemen, my boys, the only band that refuses to be a force to be reckoned with, those twin quasars of rock, let's give a warm round of applause for They Might Be Giants!

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