Rest Awhile

I got rid of my jackets and coats, I threw out all of my pants
I got sick of my stinking clothes, I had to get rid of them
I'm not yet considering replacing them
I'm only glad to be rid of them and rest a while
Rest a while
I lay out in the sun too long and burned off all of my skin
I felt so dizzy I got into the car and got into an accident
Out of the burning wreckage I fell
Wanting only to lay where I fell and rest a while
Rest a while
Rest a while
I became friendly with Ruy Lopez, the author of works on chess
"Ruy," I said, "you're incorrect," he cut me off and acted mad
He won't even talk to me now but I don't care
'Cause I'm sick of that guy and I need to rest a while
Rest a while
Rest a while
Rest a while

Quoth the Johns:

This is a highly rocking track which really spotlights an extraordinary rhythm section. This is the very first recording we did with Dan Hickey and probably the last we did with bass legend Graham Maby (the mega-bass power behind nu-waver Joe Jackson) before he got scooped away by Natalie Merchant. It was also one of the first sessions we did at Coyote Studio, and there was a very fun and easy vibe around this session.

—John Flansburgh
[source: They Got Lost promotional email, November 6, 2002]

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