Seven Eleven

Walked to the seven eleven
Thought I'd do some window shopping there
No intention of buying anything
I looked at an expensive item
I picked it up carefully
Making sure to hold onto the glass part
Then the bottom just fell out
And the whole thing went crash
You break it, you buy it
We prosecute them all
Shoplifting is a crime
2-way mirrors on the wall
I slipped by the seven eleven
My hat over my eyes
As not to be noticed
Or even recognized
You break it, you buy it
You break it, you buy it

Quoth the Johns:

This story of "breaking and buying" features John Turner on drums, and a kinda sleazy Korg synthesizer that seemed cheap but is beloved by Ebay people now.

—John Flansburgh
[source: TMBG Unlimited, July 2001]

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