The Bloodboat

All hail, the Bloodboat
A tribute to the mighty seafaring vessel
The crashing sound of flatware, emptied from her cargo bay onto the wharf
The Bloodboat
The Bloodboat
The Bloodboat returning triumphantly to port
"Mighty pump, do not fail
Push the water, let me sail"
Cries the engine man
On the S.S. Bloodboat
A boat is like a beating heart inside out
Blood is like the ocean
The Bloodboat
A tearful salute
The Bloodboat
A voyage these young sailors will always remember
The Bloodboat
"Engine man, we're too slow
Two days out, three to go"
Cries the ship captain
On the S.S. Bloodboat
Fancy silver in the hold must be sold
When the ship comes to rest
"Push the throttle up
Mr. Engine man
Push the throttle up"
Says the captain
Forty tons of cutlery
Crashing her against the sea
Till the hull is split
And the Bloodboat founders
Down they spin, forks and knives, precious lives
When the ship comes to rest
Mighty pump, do not fail
Push the water, let me sail

Quoth the Johns:

The arrangement of this song is fussy enough to suggest that it was heading somewhere, but this demo seems to have hit a dead end and was never even featured on Dial-a-song. It recently emerged that the word "bloodboat" is some kind of 19th century slang term for a ship manned by tough sailors who like fighting, but as the song makes plain, that usage is not applied here.

—John Linnell
[source: Emusic promotional email, November 16, 2001]

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