Theme Song - Thank Yous

McSweeney's would like to thank:
Saskia Hamilton
Lydia Davis
Peter Brichant and the Free Cooperation
They Might Be Giants
Roy Kesey
Mia Fineman
Sheila Heti
Roger Greenawalt
Richard Erikson
David Ford
Chris Maxwell
Nathaniel Bellows
Phil Hernandez
Barry Flint
Matt Fagan
Chris Ware
Arthur and Katherine Bradford
Michelle Stroop
Ian Frasier
Tommy Wallach
Walter Koenigstein
Karl Haendel
Steve Featherstone
Robin Goldwasser
Michael Meredith
Sean Wilsey
Ann Cummins
S. E. Willis
Zadie Smith
Phillip Glass
Jerry Copolla
Mark O'Donnell
Dan Miller
Judy Budnitz
Lawrence Weschler
Samantha Hunt
Dan Hickey
Amy Sillman
and Danny Weinkauf
Timothy McSweeney
and Breyton Breytonbach
Albert Kayote
and Pat Dillett
Thank you!

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