Words are Like (as The Crummer Family)

Words are like the middle class
A drinking glass
A mask
Words are like a Spanish town
A wedding gown
A crown
Words are like a happy dream
A racing team
A wooden beam
A seam
Words are like a rusty nail
A minor scale
A snail
Words are like a postcard stamp
A highway ramp
A cramp
Words are like kaleidoscopes
The taste of soap
A billy goat
A coat
Words are like a teenage star
A prison guard
A faded scar
A car

From the "Battle of the Bands" sub-project of TMBG Unlimited.

Quoth the Johns:

Ida and Estil Crummer from the hyper-active North Carolina indie scene have put aside the feedback and impenetrable attitude of their infamous noise band Crummer Party to get back to their Americana roots. This track was rejected by their self-run label, Flexcrumm Records, but is available here.

—John Flansburgh
[source: Emusic promotional email, September 17, 2001]

My second favorite track on the disc. The lyrics are a total dreamscape. That's Robin "Goldie" Goldwasser doing a top-quality "Levon-Helms-asleep-at-the-drums" imitation and on harmony vocal.

—John Flansburgh
[source: They Got Lost promotional email, November 6, 2002]

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