XTC vs. Adam Ant

XTC versus Adam Ant
Content versus form
Fighting for their place in rock and roll
There is no right or wrong
Just when you think it's finished
With XTC on top
Ant music, like a phoenix
Flies back up the charts
XTC versus Adam Ant
Only one will survive
Beatle-based pop versus new romantic
History will decide
XTC versus Adam Ant
I can't tell you why
Even the singer from Bow Wow Wow
Can't make up her mind
XTC versus Adam Ant
Time is marching on
XTC versus Adam Ant
There is no right or wrong
There is no right or wrong
There is no right
Or wrong

Quoth the Johns:

This song is about an imaginary rivalry between these two seminal but totally distinct early '80s rock icons. It is also definitive proof TMBG is still hopelessly trapped in a world of pop culture references. We recorded a song for the XTC tribute record last year, and while we were tracking it we had to record some backwards vocal for a psychedelic section. Since it didn't really matter what we said we recited a bunch of bands contemporary with the lads from Swindon, including Adam Ant. The contrast between the two seemed striking and while doing a bit of press to promote the tribute album, we cooked up this song.

—John Flansburgh and John Linnell
[source: "A Guided Tour of Factory Showroom," TMBG Info Club Newsletter, Holiday 1996 edition]

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