They Might Be Giants ringtones.

Contact me if you have questions, or want to contribute a TMBG ringtone to this page.

The Ringtone Files

My Man - instrumental mix, 25 seconds. The keyboard part lends itself so well, with its theme of transmission.

Older - intro clip, 16 seconds. The rauschpfife and saroussophone are instantly recognizable through the din of other people's phones.

Wicked Little Critta - mostly instrumental mix, 32 seconds. For those who like their phone to make only the minimum amount of noise necessary, this one starts quiet, gets a bit louder... and then self-destructs at about 18 seconds.

Critic Intro - four instrumental snips: tumble, medium sneak, short sneak, and the wonderfully dramatic pounce.

Loading a Ringtone onto Your Phone

So far I've only figured out how to send to Verizon phones. You can do it from any email account. Here's what you do:

  1. Download the file you want.
  2. Start a new email to your phone number, with no spaces or punctuation, at For example, if your phone number were 718-387-6962, you would address the email to:
  3. Attach the downloaded file to your email and send it.
  4. When your phone receives the message, open it. Select Options, then Save As Ringtone.