Long Tall Weekend liner notes.

TMBG Liner notes:
Long Tall Weekend
Lost Bits
Superfueled Freakcicle

In 1999, They Might Be Giants released Long Tall Weekend, an mp3-only album available exclusively through emusic. For the packaging satisfaction of those who would burn audio CDs from their downloaded files, the band released some print-it-yourself liner notes in the form of an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

Unfortunately, this PDF file suffered from "downsampling," a lossy image compression technique intended to keep PDF file sizes small. Downsampling lowers the image resolution of bitmaps, resulting in pixelated, jagged edges when you zoom in (or print out).

At some point, they replaced the file with an improved one, then later it was removed from Emusic's site completely. So I've put a copy of Emusic's replacement file here while I work on something better.

Through modern technology and old-fashioned patience, I've traced a vector image of the outer cover art. This faithful reproduction prints smooth lines and legible text, rather than the jagged bitrot of the original PDF file.

The original design can't work as a booklet. It has ten pages, which is not really enough for perfect binding, and to be simply folded and stapled it would need a page count that's a multiple of four. So there are two options: make it a long folding insert (like Apollo 18's), or add two pages and make it a booklet. Either way, the page order will have to change from the original design. But I'm not going to worry about that until I get all the pages finished.


  1. Drinkin'
  2. She Thinks She's Edith Head
  3. Maybe I Know
  4. Rat Patrol
  5. Token Back to Brooklyn
  6. Older
  7. Operators are Standing By
  8. Dark and Metric
  9. Reprehensible
  10. Certain People I Could Name
  11. Counterfeit Faker
  12. They Got Lost
  13. Lullaby to Nightmares
  14. On Earth My Nina
  15. Edison Museum