Lost Bits liner notes.

TMBG Liner notes:
Long Tall Weekend
Lost Bits
Superfueled Freakcicle

This is a collection of dialasong.com (and tmbg.com) downloads that fell through the cracks, from the very earliest days when the songs were WAV downloads, through the QuickTime-powered era, plus a few standouts from the recent Flash hurdy-gurdy-man incarnation. Many are pretty lo-fi, but I put them on a single disc for archival purposes, and chose to make it an audio CD so I could hear it in the car. I also included, as CD-ROM data, some of the files from which the audio tracks were derived (plus some extras that wouldn't fit in both formats). The data is track 1; I don't have the right software to burn it so that it cues up the music first.

The tracklist completely ignores all considerations of fidelity, freely alternating decent-sounding tracks with scratchy, hissy ones. It gives preference to alternating Johns, and to exclusive songs and demos that differ greatly from their final versions.

  1. When Tornadoes Take Over the World
  2. Finished with Lies (Slow Demo)
  3. Wreck It Apart
  4. King of Wingo
  5. What Am I Doin'?
  6. Four of Two (Original Version)
  7. The Summer Breeze
  8. You're Watching
  9. Dan vs Cog
  10. Your Own Worst Enemy (Demo)
  11. Token Back to Brooklyn (Original Version)
  12. Hovering Sombrero (Spanish Demo)
  13. King Weed
  14. Feel Good Sublet
  15. Doctor Worm (Demo)
  16. On the Drag (Demo)
  17. The Bells are Ringing (Demo)
  18. Theme from the Smoking Gun
  19. Operators Are Standing By (Demo)
  20. Rest Awhile (Demo)
  21. We Love All the People
  22. The Edison Museum (Demo)
  23. Lines Upon a Tranquil Brow
  24. Stormy Pinkness (Demo)
  25. How Can I Sing Like a Girl? (Live)
  26. Working Undercover for the Man (Demo)
  27. Rat Patrol (Flans Demo)
  28. I Am Not Your Broom (Demo)
  29. I Palindrome I (Ramblin' Flans Demo) ?
  30. What Bothers the Spaceman (Demo) ?
  31. Nixon's the One (Demo) ?
  32. Maine (Demo) ?