Superfueled Freakcicle liner notes.

TMBG Liner notes:
Long Tall Weekend
Lost Bits
Superfueled Freakcicle

This was the rumored title of a rumored album that never saw the light of day. Had it existed, this album would feature the b-sides from TMBG's years on the Elektra label. Fortunately, Elektra's failure to recognize the market for such a compilation doesn't prevent you from collecting the songs and burning your own. :) I've added a few more (non-Elektra) songs just because they fit: stray songs from "various artists" albums and the studio recordings from Severe Tire Damage.

There's at least one other fan-created incarnation of this compilation out there, with a chronological tracklist. For mine, I decided to exclude all the remixes to make more room for unique titles, and to arrange the songs for a more interesting flow. Preference is given to alternating Johns, and to breaking chronology as much as possible.


  1. SenSurround
  2. 25 O'Clock
  3. Welcome to the Jungle
  4. Ondine
  5. We've Got a World that Swings
  6. Whirlpool
  7. I Blame You
  8. Mrs. Train
  9. Why Does the Sun Shine?
  10. Doctor Worm
  11. Siftin'
  12. Ant
  13. Jessica
  14. Stormy Pinkness
  15. I'm Sick of This American Life
  16. She Was a Hotel Detective
  17. Dr. Evil
  18. Moving to the Sun
  19. One More Parade
  20. Unforgotten
  21. Severe Tire Damage Theme
  22. Cabbagetown
  23. James K. Polk
  24. A Butcher's Tale
  25. SenSurround (Mighty Morphin' Version)