They Might Be Giants.

This is kind of my workshop of TMBG-related side projects. I'll be updating it soon.

All The Lyrics.

Here's a beta version of my updated searchable lyrics archive. I've got a bunch of songs to add to it still, but it's more or less behaving like I want it to.

"Why does the world need another website of TMBG lyrics?" I hear you ask. Well, my home-grown search engine has the following features you won't find elsewhere (or it will, when it's complete again):

  • It lets you choose whether to exclude demos, covers, solo John stuff, stage banter and improv songs, or songs by guest vocalists from your search. No other search engine out there knows the difference.
  • It supports wildcard searching. For example, searching for head* gives you all the results for any word that starts with "head": head, heads, headless, headquarters, heading, headlights, head-bobbing, headdress, headset.
  • It searches only in the lyrics themselves, so its totals are accurate and your results are never cluttered with extra hits from page trimmings.

John Henry Hypercard Stack Emulator.

A blast from the past of the future of sound. 20 years ago, TMBG created a music sampler program on the Macintosh to promote their upcoming album John Henry. I've replicated the program for your web enjoyment (Flash required). Embrace the garish yet trailblazing multimedia of yesteryear!

Dial-a-Song Downloads.

These recordings are all downloads from the early incarnation of the Dial-a-Song website, back when it was part of Presented in their original WAV format, they're much clearer than recordings from over the phone line.

Mobile Phone Ringtones.

I'm rebooting the TMBG Ringtones project, in accordance with the current state of cell phone technology. More songs and some technical pointers coming soon.

Sapphire Bullets.

The only TMBG tribute band that matters!

Liner Notes for Home-Burned CDRs.

This band secretes side projects through every pore in their bodies. I enjoy keeping up with all the songs, but I enjoy them even more when they're collected from their sundry origins onto a single disc. It's a good way to hear all those little one-off recordings in the car without having to lug around a couple dozen discs.

As convenient as CDRs are, I find that they're much more satisfying if you dress them up a bit with some liner notes. Below are the sets I'm working on; they're all still in the pretty early stages.

  • Long Tall Weekend—These liner notes have a long and troubled past.
  • Superfueled Freakcicle—This was the rumored title of a rumored album that never saw the light of day. Had it existed, this album would feature the b-sides from TMBG's years on the Elektra label. Fortunately, Elektra's failure to recognize the market for such a compilation doesn't prevent you from collecting the songs and burning your own. :) I've added a few more (non-Elektra) songs just because they fit.
  • Lost Bits—I recently noticed that I had all these old audio files on my computer from the early days of, and no backup copies of them anywhere. So I figured as long as I'm archiving them, why not put them on an audio CD. Special thanks to MosASCII for help with the front cover.